Sustainable and Modern Wellness that is Inviting to All.
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For every woman, self-care is a gift, and wellness care is a balancing act.

Whether the lack of time, a busy lifestyle, or an unexpected life change, WellMiss is here to make sure you have the support team to put your mind, body, and soul care first.


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Our nature-infused skincare, superfoods, and innovative wellness technology provide you with a holistic 360-degree integrative wellness experience to help you take care of your daily wellness challenges.

Supported by wellness experts and practitioners, we have merged clean beauty, wellness, and well-tech to help you take care of yourself while on the go and at home.

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Behind WellMiss with Founder Jennifer "Jaki" Johnson

Change is inevitable and at times can be unimaginably life-shifting. I never imagined myself creating a wellness brand, but in April of 2019, my 15-year-old son Christian passed unexpectedly, and I went on a healing grief journey that changed the trajectory of my life's purpose.

I realized healing would be a lifetime journey. As you never really stop grieving your child's absence. But the way you grieve does change with the right help. For me, it was tapping into self-care and wellness practices by creating my own wellness care plan. It consisted of mental, emotional, physical, and soul care. Aromtherapy and flower essences became my go to for helping me to get calm and center myself.

"Over time, I needed more than just my therapist...."

Over time, I needed more than just my therapist, one product, or a couple of practices. I needed an integrative wellness experience that embodied it all that helped me when I had no one to talk to, when I was alone with no one to lean on, and when time was of the essence for me.

So a year after my son passed, I enrolled in Formula Botanica to become an organic cosmetic science formulator to create nature-blended formulations that would help women with their wellness challenges. In addition, I developed a wellness technology platform to help women access in-the-moment wellness care when on the go and at home. This experience led to the birth of WellMiss.

We are your wellness care bestie here to create wellness products and technology to help you on your daily wellness journey. No matter if you're on the go or at home, we are right there. We help you to become the shero of your own wellness story. We help you to tap in, tune in, and take care of your mind, body, and soul.

There was transformation and beauty in my grief from my son's passing, which led to me creating my own integrative wellness experience. It changed my life. It saved me. I knew then that I wanted to help women tap into their well-being to move through life at their highest and best self, never feeling alone in the process. So, with gratitude and love, I introduce to you, WellMiss.


 Founder, Jennifer "Jaki" Johnson 


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