A new way of doing healthcare for women on our wellness journey.

Reimagining the clinic and community experience to create a digital healing space that attunes to your wellness needs and supports your mind, body, and soul care.


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Behind WellMiss with Founder Jennifer "Jaki" Johnson

Change is inevitable and at times can be unimaginably life-shifting. I never imagined myself creating a wellness brand, but in April of 2019, my 15-year-old son Christian passed unexpectedly, and I went on a healing grief journey that changed the trajectory of my life's purpose.

I realized healing would be a lifetime journey, as you never really stop grieving your child's absence. But the way you grieve does change with the right help. For me, it was tapping into therapeutic modalities, integrative healthcare, and holistic practices by creating my own wellness care plan. It consisted of mental, emotional, physical, and soul care.

"Over time, I needed more than just a therapist...."

Over time, I needed more than just a therapist and wanted a healthcare system that saw me as a whole person and integrated that into my care. I needed an integrative wellness experience that embodied it all. I found myself putting together a holistic and integrative wellness team to help me on my journey.

I saw how expensive it was to access enhanced wellness care and that medical insurance barely covered the services. I could not understand why healthcare services that could help you get to the root causes of your wellness challenges were not accessible. So, a year after my son passed, this experience led to the birth of WellMiss.

WellMiss is on the mission to democratize holistic and integrative wellness care and make it equitable for women worldwide. Accessing health and wellness care that enhances your wellbeing should be a right and choice that you have to help heal and be well on your journey.

So, with gratitude and love, I introduce to you, WellMiss.


 Founder, Jennifer "Jaki" Johnson 


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